Past Projects

The College of Computing & Informatics is the result of the merger of two programs: the Department of Computer Science and the former iSchool. Each has a long history of senior projects. The former iSchool started their projects in 1984 although we do not have a record of them.

The Computer Science Department's Senior Design projects were originally a part of the Software Engineering classwork. The concept of a capstone project for Computer Science students has always been an import part of our students senior year. Since 2002, the Computer Science Department at Drexel University has recognized the best projects in Senior Design. Starting in 2004, the best four projects were evaluated by external judges to select the best project to represent the department in the College of Engineering Senior Design contest. During the 2014-2015 academic year we merged the programs and now have one college wide experience labeled Senior Project.

Senior Project students enjoy and benefit from the opportunity to explore new cutting edge technologies in hardware and software before they become mainstream. Whether it's writing software for multi-touch hardware, exploring the possibilities of smart phone applications, or developing on the cloud, students often work with tomorrow's technologies well in advance of the standard curriculum.

You can see all the past projects for the Computer Science Department and each year's "Final Four" contest below followed by a partial list of winners from the former iSchool.

2020–2021 First Place Teams

CCI’s 2020–2021 Senior Project Showcase is pleased to announce the top teams.
The virtual final competition took place on May 25th, 2021.

The top 3 projects in the following categories will also be recognized: corporate-sponsored, entrepreneurial, humanitarian, games, security and research.

Gaming Category

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The Non-Linear Time-Traveling Role-Playing-Game!


Security Category

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The purpose of this project was to conduct an external penetration test and vulnerability assessment of IoT devices that are discoverable on Drexel University’s network. We also created a reconnaissance tool for daily monitoring of open common and IoT-related ports on large networks.


Entrepreneurial Category

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Dulcimer Live

Dulcimer Live is a festival website creation platform, allowing users to create robust websites for their events to that enable ticket sales, live streaming, and video hosting out of the box.


Humanitarian Category

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Implement an app that visualizes and centralizes siloed information into single app which helps physicians quickly make informed and important decisions which helps protect themselves and their patients.


Research Category

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Look, Don't Tweet

An investigation into representation learning for natural language and social media as an initial step towards modeling social dynamics and combating social issues online.


Corporation Category

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Marketplace platform to enable creative, in-person freelancing gigs.

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Former iSchool Winners

2012: Team Cyclone - Paul Bonnevie, Mike Burke, Piyush Kapur, Greg Paradee FreeStreet aims to solve big city parking woes by estimating and delivering real-time parking availability. With a mobile interface, it allows users to easily find parking in a given area and its respective cost. Once parked, users can save their location and receive directions back to their saved location.

2010: Acropolis - Bryan Aller, Christian Anastasi, Garrett Fails, Jessica Murphy, David Parillo Acropolis is an innovative knowledge management system that utilizes knowledge-based analytics to deliver understanding of information in organizations. The information stored by Acropolis can be utilized to protect organizations from knowledge loss. It identifies risks, opportunities, and competencies to help organizations understand the value/role of the knowledge relationships it possesses.

2009: Team Buzz - Eric Mattingly, Michael Meletti, Kraig Turner, Christopher Nylen What’s the Buzz about? It’s in your hand, on your desk, word of mouth. We’re all talking about the destination retrieval program, manned by locally based peers. ‘Buzzers’ access a collaborative location based “where is” service via the internet. Enough positive feedback and ‘Buzzers’ destination directions turn into dollars.

2008: Team NTLB (No Teacher Left Behind) - Kevin Barry, Josh Caplan, Phil Cross, Joe Gravante, Chris Nies, Anthony Veiga The No Teacher Left Behind (NTLB) system is a set of online services that allow teachers to organize and collaborate with each other to develop a community of high performance educators. There are four main aspects of the system including: Social Networking, Knowledge Management, Collaboration, and an Online Gradebook.

2007: Team RamRod - Kelvin Blasse, Vinod Nitla, Ricky Ha, Phillip Lewis, Thomas Carter The Obstructive Sleep Apnea Assessment System will provide an automated medical service through the Drexel Student Health Center (DSHC) to accommodate students with sleep problems. The system will allow students to complete an on-line survey which records and determines if the student is at risk for Obstructive Sleep Apnea.

2006: Team Apt Management - Siddharta Anand, Michael Andescavage, Jeffrey Beno, Joseph James, Andrew Smith, Douglas Traub Managing a property is not easy. The day-to-day responsibilities of tracking occupancy levels, maintenance requests, and rent payments can overwhelm property managers and prevent them from focusing on the future. The Apartment Management System (AMS) allows management to focus on the future of the property by easing daily responsibilities.

2005: Team Future Executives - Ho Lee, Christopher Kachigian, Scott Kelly, Suraj Pandya, Jennifer Raju, Scott Schwabe The problem is that college students are unorganized. Introducing the LifeLine Organizer: a unique device that answers the problems of the busy college student. The LifeLine Organizer seeks to provide college students with a powerful, easy to use, intuitively designed, place for the busy college student to help get organized.