CCI’s Senior Project is part of a multi-term capstone experience involving in-depth study and application of computing and informatics. Students work in teams to develop a significant product requiring use of a development process that includes planning, specification, design, implementation, evaluation, and documentation. Projects are often conceived by external stakeholders who guide the requirements process and ultimately use the resulting application. Groups may be interdisciplinary with students from varied departments within the College of Engineering and the Digital Media Program.

Projects are judged in a multi-level competition on originality, compliance with software engineering principles, completion, and their successful deployment.

The top 3 projects in the following categories will be recognized: corporate-sponsored, entrepreneurial, humanitarian, games, security, and research.

The winners have been announced for 2021-2022. View them here.

Project Inception

Project ideas are ilicited from industry, academia, and from the students themselves.

Project Planning

Students develop plans after gathering requirements and/or building prototypes.


Requirements are converted into comprehensive designs at many levels of detail.


Designs are materialized into functional products via a series of iterations.


Formal testing is carried out using tools like unit-testing.


Final products are delivered to the stakeholders for deployment.

Our Judges

Each year CCI’s Senior Project competition is assessed by a panel of external judges selected from local industry. Often the judges have a strong tie to Drexel's Computer of Computing and Informatics.

Mike Stratiti

Principal Software Engineer at Bentley Systems, Incorporated

Jim Thompson

Chief Engineer & VP Technology Strategy

Ori Damary

Engineering Manager at Compass

Jedi (Jedidiah) Weller

Jedi is CEO & Head of Innovation at OpenForge

Jeff Segall

Software Engineer and Head of Ad Operations at Red-Spark

Libu Chacko

Drexel University (‘05) and an MBA from UMASS Amherst

Tom Burdak

Software Engineer at Microsoft

John Cunningham

IT professional for the past 35 years

Colin Kerr

Engineer at Bentley Systems

Allan Frank

President of Think New Visions

Paul Ritchey

Government lead within the C5ISR Center

Frank Jacquette

President of Think New Visions

Dave Voyles

Senior Software Engineer at Microsoft

AJ Schmalz

Founder and CEO of QuantumGames

Kurt Wheeler

Engineering team lead at Alex's Lemonade Stand Foundation

Amanda Clark

Program Manager at NELSON Worldwide

Samantha Bewley

Development Manager at eMoney Advisor

Angela Harris

Operations Program Manager at Microsoft

Florina Handel

Director of Partnerships at Ciright

Jerrold Randall

CEO and Founder of Enyverse

Brian Stehman

Senior Sales Engineer with TriState HVAC