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Dulcimer Live

Dulcimer Live is a festival website creation and hosting platform, allowing users to create robust websites for their events to that enable ticket sales, live streaming, and video hosting out of the box.
As deeply missed traditions across the world came to a screeching halt in the face of the COVID-19 pandemic, the commitment of the Philadelphia Folksong Society (www.pfs.org) refused to falter. In lieu of cancelling the 59th Philadelphia Folk Festival, the society leapt into the digital performance scene, bootstrapping a unique platform that provided festival-goers with multiple steady streams of both live and recorded acts. 

The Dulcimer Live team has completely rebuilt this platform, incorporating lessons learned from the first success and augmenting the future live music experience by providing access to recordings, allowing concert-goers to relive their favorite moments or catch a performance they may have missed.

Dulcimer Live is constructed such that it can be adaptable to any event that can stream on video.  With this in mind, Dulcimer Live boasts the potential to bring unparalleled accessibility to events across the globe.

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