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August 7, 2015

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August 20,2015

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August 24, 2015

Call for Papers

Although a substantial effort has been spent on healthcare, preventable medical errors are still inevitable due to fragmentation of medical information. In recent years, a significant effort has been placed on advancing information technology for effective healthcare and wellness in both academic and industrial applications. There is an increased effort to transform reactive care to proactive and preventive care, clinic-centric to patient-centered practice, training-based interventions to globally aggregated evidence, and episodic response to continuous well-being monitoring and maintenance. To successfully address the challenge of smart health and wellbeing, it is critical (1) to develop an interoperable digital infrastructure for sharing health data and knowledge; (2) to utilize diverse data source for establishing evidence-based health and wellness decision support based on automated and augmented insight and discovery; (3) to establish a secure cyber-base for patients and healthy individuals to play a substantial role in their own health and treatment; and (4) to provide an integrated intelligent systems (including sensors, devices, and robotics) for individuals to monitor and maintain function and independence. This workshop will provide a forum for researchers to discuss fundamental principles, algorithms, and applications of intelligent healthcare data acquisition, processing, and analysis. Approaches accompanied by in-depth experimental evaluation of real world data that address top challenges in healthcare data quality control, information extraction, knowledge modeling, and informed decision making for feasible action taking are strongly encouraged.

The topics of interest include but not limited to:

I. Accessing and Sharing Healthcare Data and Information

·  Consumer and clinical health information exchange, exploration, and usage
·  Health and clinical data integrity, privacy and representativeness for secondary use of data
·  Natural language processing and text mining of EHR, clinical notes, health consumer texts, and PHR in clinical and health applications
·  Effective information retrieval for healthcare applications
·  Healthcare knowledge abstraction, classification, and summarization
·  Patient education, learning, and involvement
·  E-communities, social networks, and social media for patients and caregivers

II. Integrating, Augmenting, and Mining Clinical and Health Data

·  Data augmentation and integration for evidence-based clinical and health decision making
·  Semantic web, ontology, and linked data for clinical and health applications
·  Intelligent medical data management
·  Computational intelligence methodologies for healthcare
·  Biomarker discovery and biomedical data mining
·  Software infrastructure (e.g. text mining, workflow, and semantic web etc) for clinical and health applications

III. Improving the Clinical Practice and Training

·  Computer-aided diagnosis
·  Medical recommender systems
·  Virtual patient modeling for learning, practicing and demonstrating care practices
·  Patient-centered and evidence-based clinical decision support (e.g disease profiling and personalized treatment)
·  Text mining and intelligent system for innovative applications (e.g. patient monitoring, recommender systems for clinicians, adverse effects monitoring)
·  Visual analytics for healthcare
·  Transdisciplinary healthcare through IT
·  Mental and physical health data integration

IV. Developing Assistive, Persuasive, and Intelligent Devices and Software for Clinical Care and Health Monitoring

·  Intelligent medical devices and sensors
·  Localized data for improving emergency care
·  Computer support for surgical intervention
·  Assistive devices and tools for individuals with special needs
·  Continuous monitoring and streaming technologies for healthcare
·  Localization, persuasion and mobile approach to improve healthy life styles and self-care
·  Virtual and augmented reality for healthcare

V. Developing Large-Scale Data Analysis and Management System for Population

·  Models, tools and interventions for managing globally spread of diseases
·  Data analytics for clinical care
·  Systems for Telemedicine
·  Pharmacy informatics systems and drug discovery
·  Collaboration technologies for healthcare
·  Healthcare workflow management
·  Meta-studies of community, national and international programs

VI. Others

·  Connected Community Care
·  Open Connected Health environments
·  Regulation and Standards for Connected Health
·  New service development (NSD) in health service opportunities, design, business models for innovative healthcare technology
·  Modeling the impact of healthcare technology and evolution of connectedness