Courses Taught at Drexel University


INFO110 - Human-Computer Interaction I

Introduces the student to the study of computer-based user interfaces. Presents user-centered focus in evaluation of computer interfaces. Teaches the basic principles of user analysis and interface evaluation. Gives a practical introduction to ergonomics.

INFO204 - Nursing Informatics

This course is designed to examine technology and tools of the Internet and World Wide Web with a focus on the use of cyber technology and selected computer applications. The automation of data management through information systems, wxpert systems, and telecommunication, and the impact of these technologies on nursing administration, education, practice and research are addressed in the context of nursing informatics. Actual problem-solving and mini-design projects on how computerization and automation can improve the efficiency of nursing care delivery will be emphasized


INFO648 - Healthcare Informatics

The course presents an overview of all aspects of healthcare informatics, including medical, nursing and bioinformatics. It provides an introduction to the applications of information systems in a variety of healthcare environments.

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Prof. Rogers has been selected to participate in a NSF sponsored workshop on Accessible electronic health records (EHR), scheduled to take place October 23-24, 2010 in Orlando, Florida. More…


Nokia Grant Awarded: Dr. Rogers received a grant from the Nokia Research Foundation to study assess and test the capturing “observations of everyday living” (OELs) made by patients and clinic staff. More…

Dr. Rogers integrates an Undergraduate Co-op in her research (April 2010)

In June 2009, Dr. Rogers received a Drexel University Career Development Award

Dr. Rogers attended the WISE TRUST Conference. WISE is a residential summer program on the University of California, Berkeley campus that brings together graduate students, post-doctoral fellows and professors from all disciplines that are interested in Ubiquitous Secure Technology and the social, political, and economical ramifications that are associated with this technology. Women are strongly encouraged to attend, though all are welcome.


Michelle L. Rogers, Phd - Assistant Professor

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At the Helm: Kathy Barker on Running a Lab

On February 26, 2004, the Academy's New York Science Alliance, along with its partner sites NatureJobs and The Scientist, took a much-needed step forward in preparing young scientists become to tackle these often daunting tasks. Speaking to student and postdocs members of the Science Alliance, Kathy Barker presented a swift tour through the many aspects of lab management.

Research on Successful New Faculty: The Quick Starters*
This reports on the results of the studies Robert Boice did with new faculty. It was produced by the Office of Instructional Consultation. University of California Santa Barbara.

Article from Tomorrow's Professor blog

Msg. #194 Advice for new faculty - everything in moderation.  Blog is coordinated by Rick Reis (reis [at]

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This Web site offers guidance on techniques, tips and resources for teaching engineering and science.