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My interest lie in how the design and implementation of technology impact work processes and use. I am intrigued by healthcare informatics, focusing on how the design and implementation of health information technology (HIT) impacts work processes of clinicians and the use by patients.

HIT and clinician workflow

Much of my work has focused on understanding the impact of technology and tools on workers, their tasks and the new work processes that develop as a result of a change or introduction of technology in their work.

Personal health information management (PHIM) and mobile technologies

Broad acceptance of Web 2.0 technologies in medicine will continue to provide an avenue for the education and communication of patients and clinicians (Eysenbach, 2008). The success seen in the general public is not however, replicated in low-income communities. Harnessing the power of “smart” technology can be a bridge that crosses the “digital divide”, in particular with personal health information management to support general patient well-being.

Human Computer Interaction

Research in this area covers a wide variety of workplaces that use information technology to manage work among groups of people separated by time and space. A systems engineering approach could be used to understand the impact of information systems on work places like children and family services (i.e. keeping track of foster care children, visits by social workers, progress of care), or emergency response teams (managing the event, locating team members, establishing organizational structure without full team).


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Prof. Rogers has been selected to participate in a NSF sponsored workshop on Accessible electronic health records (EHR), scheduled to take place October 23-24, 2010 in Orlando, Florida. More…


Nokia Grant Awarded: Dr. Rogers received a grant from the Nokia Research Foundation to study assess and test the capturing “observations of everyday living” (OELs) made by patients and clinic staff. More…

Dr. Rogers integrates an Undergraduate Co-op in her research (April 2010)

In June 2009, Dr. Rogers received a Drexel University Career Development Award

Dr. Rogers attended the WISE TRUST Conference. WISE is a residential summer program on the University of California, Berkeley campus that brings together graduate students, post-doctoral fellows and professors from all disciplines that are interested in Ubiquitous Secure Technology and the social, political, and economical ramifications that are associated with this technology. Women are strongly encouraged to attend, though all are welcome.


Michelle L. Rogers, Phd - Assistant Professor

Drexel University - College of Information, Science & Technology
3141 Chestnut Street
Philadelphia, PA 19104-2875
Phone: +1.215.895.2922
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HIT and clinician workflow projects

  1. Using health information technology to capture and integrate behavioral health data in support of trans-disciplinary care in a nurse-managed outpatient clinic.
  2. Identifing barriers and facilitators to collecting wellness data
  3. Understanding the information needs of trans-disciplinary care team
  4. Exploring web 2.0 tools for managing patient data for decision support

PHIM and mobile technologies

  1. First Time Users’ Experiences with Task-Based Usability Testing of Pediatric Portals
  2. Understanding active users of patient health portals from medically underserved communities

Human-Computer Interaction (HCI)

  1. Barriers to implementing wrong site surgery guidelines: a cognitive work analysis.
  2. Migrating Collaborative Work in Healthcare to Electronic Environments