Call for Participation

ICHI 2013 is designed to run as an annual showcase for exciting and innovative research on techniques and technologies developed in universities, hospitals, research labs, and companies all over the world.

ICHI 2012 will feature about contributions from all around the world, including keynote speeches, regular papers, short papers, demonstrations, free tutorials, panels, extended abstracts, and doctoral consortium. Selected regular papers and short papers will be presented in oral sessions. Other papers and demos will be presented by the authors in an open setting, specifically designed to encourage conversation and discussion. The conference will cover the breadth of problems faced by the community: health informatics education, telemedicine, systems for decision support, human-centered design, information retrieval techniques for health applications, accessibility to personalized predictive modeling techniques, and so on. A highlight of the conference is that we will give awards for the best paper and the best student paper.

ICHI 2013 reflects a collective community effort including reviewers as well as corporate sponsors, who gave generously of their time and who provided funds to specific areas of the conference. 

The conference co-organizers are looking forward to your visit!