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A food delivery app made by Philadelphians, for Philadelphians
Phoodie is a food delivery app created in 2020 to compete with other big-name food delivery services. Its goal was to provide Philadelphians with a more localized and personal food delivery service. Compared to its competitors, Phoodie gives customers a better selection of local Philadelphian food options and those same local restaurants a better platform to share their food, unlike the big names that push chain food and fees.
	Currently, the vendor app, customer app, and back-end DevOps are missing features and are held together by duct tape. In order to give customers a better streamlined and beneficial experience, we’re working on putting together a Phoodie 2.0 application. We are updating Phoodie to include a cross-platform user app, an android vendor app with more features, and a CI/CD platform. In the end, the customers and restaurants of Philadelphia will have a superior platform to share authentic meals.

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