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My Care Team

My Care Team is a web app that allows patients to learn more about their Care Providers and make more meaningful connections for the benefit of patients, their families, and hospital staff. Our team was tasked with creating an application to emulate this system and help patients keep track of the  Care Providers they interact with each day. 
Our stakeholders at Children's National need a better way to introduce clinicians and their roles to young patients and their families. When they arrive at the hospital, families often have no concept of who's who between the trainees, rotating attendings, shift nurses, consultants, and specialists and often do not understand what those roles mean. When a provider enters the room, it's challenging and awkward for patients and their families to try and read staff badges and get to know their clinicians, all while processing the other medical information they're being confronted with. Children's National is looking for a way for patients to study providers even after they've left the room, giving them more time to process who they are and learn to recognize them and understand their roles.

To address these problems, our team has developed My Care Team: an application that serves to introduce patients to their clinicians. Patients will be able to browse all care providers at Children's National, and have the option to filter by name, department, and spoken languages. Each Care Provider has their own profile that contains information such as the Care Provider's name, image, title, department, and pronouns, as well as their biography. Patients can then add clinicians to their Care Team, which effectively allows them to keep a log of all the clinicians they interact with during their stay. Using our application will allow patients to learn more about their care providers, provide a way for users from a non-clinical perspective to familiarize themselves with the hospital, and give young patients and their families more control over a situation that can often feel unfamiliar and intimidating. 

Another important aspect of the My Care Team application is the Console, which is utilized by both system administrators and content administrators. The first tool in the Console is User Role Management, which allows for system administrators to perform operations on accounts for other system administrators as well as content administrators. Additionally, there is the Configurations aspect, which is utilized by content administrators to manipulate properties used for care provider information such as department, role, title, etc. Finally, the last tool in the Console is working with Care Providers, which allows for content administrators to create, update, and delete the Care Provider accounts that patients access.

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