Drexel University

College of Computing and Informatics

Metropolis IoT

Metropolis IoT is an Internet of Things (IoT) solution that aims to provide aggregated real time environmental data to cities and companies.
As populations continue to rise, there is increasing strain on services provided by cities and companies. As such, a company’s or city’s response time plays an important role in the constant maintenance and upkeep of said services. Therefore, the integration of IoT solutions that allow service providers to constantly monitor their service(s) become increasingly important.

Metropolis IoT aims to provide a IoT solution for gathering and aggregating environmental data. Allowing cities or companies to better monitor surrounding environmental data and use that to their benefit. For instance, cities could implement water sensors to look detect changes in water pressure and water level to better triangulate possible leaks or use the same sensors to determine pollutants in the water system. Metropolis IoT aims to allow users to compare and view their environmental data on a online dashboard.

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