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Incentive Engagement

Gamification API to boost user engagement on eMoney's Incentive app.
Incentive is an application developed by eMoney Adviser, a company whose goal is to improve their clients’ financial wellness. The app allows its users to follow their spending, saving, and long term financial goals all in one place. Incentive promotes financial wellness by allowing users to create personalized target plans to achieve financial goals, boost their financial awareness through reading articles, and allow users to take on challenges to help them spend less every week.

Unfortunately, the Incentive app has not seen the level of user interaction that eMoney is striving for. The company believes its clients are not using the app to its fullest potential, and are missing out on lessons learned from its core functionality. Our Gamification API hopes to solve this problem. By including our microservice in their app, we hope to improve user engagement and provide incentives for the users to interact with the app.

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