Drexel University

College of Computing and Informatics

GMIFY Backend

The purpose of the application is to GAMIFY market research surveys to generate better and more accurate information from users
The global marketing research industry is massive, registering over 75 billion dollars in sales worldwide, but innovation has always been lagging. Throughout the history of this industry, a significant drag on their profitability has been the very large cost of providing research participants with monetary incentives to induce participation. We have a “game-changing” protocol to virtually eliminate these monetary payments, thereby disrupting this industry, which is badly in need of disruption, while serendipitously generating even higher quality and more reliable data. Ultimately, our innovation will encompass a suite of tools to make the research activity itself, more enjoyable and fun to do, thereby greatly increasing participant engagement and interest in the process. Instead of relying on the extrinsic reward of money, which actually depresses engagement, our methodological tools rely more on intrinsic rewards to make research less costly and more accurate. Our brand name, GMIFY, captures the essential gaming element that uniquely differentiates us from competing for data collection methodologies. Our techniques add fun elements of game-playing to the research task, reducing the drudgery while increasing player interest in ways never before seen by this industry. 

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