Drexel University

College of Computing and Informatics

Fool's Gold Frenzy

A PC-based, frontier themed, multi-player kart battle game featuring tether mobility and vehicle-altering power ups.
The video game market today has no shortage of online multiplayer games: from strategy games to shooters and everything in between, there is a game with a thriving user base to suit any genre's needs. The problem with many of the existing titles is that they don’t always strike a great balance with the number of mechanics they provide to the player. For example, Rocket League is still one of the most popular party games, with the premise simply being soccer with cars. There are no other mechanics in the game beside driving and boosting a car to move a ball into a goal. Contrast this with another massively popular game such as Fortnite, where not only is skill required during gun play, but there’s also the need to build structures to navigate and protect oneself, strategize for looting and upgrading one’s loadout, dealing with an ever shrinking stage, all this while only having one life for the duration of the match.

With Fool's Gold Frenzy, we developed a game that has a balance of fun mechanics that engage the player, without overwhelming them. The gameplay is reminiscent of classic games such as Mario Kart, in that it’s inviting for new players to pick up, while also creating a higher skill ceiling that rewards players who spend time understanding the game's more advanced maneuvering. 

At its core, Fool's Gold Frenzy is an arena based kart battler where 4-6 players compete to collect the most gold in the midst of a gold rush. Players have access to combinable power-ups that are found on the stage or stolen from other players. Player can also get creative with the game's lasso tether mechanic for momentum based maneuvering around the stage.

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