Drexel University

College of Computing and Informatics


IT / Computer Security
Our team was tasked to find vulnerabilities across Drexel's various networks.
The project presents various formal and informal approaches of performing security risk assessment and penetrations through external and internal network tests, in which the team found various vulnerabilities ranging from critical or low ratings across Drexel University’s network. Although we may not discuss the content of the project publicly due to the sensitivity of information gathered and obtained during the project lifetime, the team has ethically reported all the vulnerabilities as well as potential threats found across Drexel’s network to Drexel University IT Security Team through Drexel University’s Bug Bounty Program with mitigatory recommendations. This will help improve the existing security posture of Drexel University on various key assets of computing domains – infrastructure, applications, and users.

The work produced and recommendations made in the project will be beneficial to Drexel University as it gives a more comprehensive insight into security threats that Drexel’s network is exposed to and thereafter secure. Drexel University’s IT Security Team can utilize the recommendations to improve Drexel’s network security posture to protect the Drexel community and resources.

Team Members