Drexel University

College of Computing and Informatics


IT / Computer Security
Drexploits will identify and report on vulnerabilities and exploits that have been detected on or within Drexel's IOT devices, create a natural language processing tool to aid in this, and use the data collected to create a data visualization
The Drexploits team seeks to not only identify and report security vulnerabilities among Drexel’s IoT devices, but also to visualize and display the data that Drexploits gathers to make it easier to comprehend exactly how many vulnerabilities have been present. 
Drexploits' team members have expertise in different areas, giving us different viewpoints and a distinct advantage in the way we collect, and use our data. Using a combination of penetration testing, natural language processing, data visualization, and user experience research, Drexploits will innovate to create new ways to look at how we can protect our vulnerable devices, and work towards a future with reduced security flaws.

Team Members