Drexel University

College of Computing and Informatics

Drexel Cyber Defense

IT / Computer Security
The purpose of this project will be to conduct penetration testing and a vulnerability assessment of IoT connected devices found within Drexel University’s network.
The Drexel Cyber Defense is a team of cyber security researchers and ethical hackers devoted to the penetration testing and protection of IoT devices within Drexel University’s network. The rise of smart devices within the last decade has been unprecedented and has provided a multitude of ways to improve day-to-day functions and processes from within homes, businesses, schools, and even cities. These devices have become widely accepted and implemented into most, if not all industries and can be found in forms such as smart home security systems, autonomous farming equipment, wearable health monitors, etc.. While these devices may seem innocent and blend into their environments, they are often left unprotected and can lead to disastrous outcomes. 

We’ve decided to make IoT devices our focus as they’re often overlooked and are located all around us in almost every aspect of life. Ring cameras have had documented hacking incidents resulting in an attacker being able to view the camera and even speak into the attached microphones. Home smart systems can be exploited to remotely control heating, lighting, and entertainment systems. Smart meters in gas station pumps can be altered for an attacker to control and lower their own gas prices. With IoT devices, attackers now have the ability to remotely alter real-world environments to their commands and if left unchecked will become unmanageable. While some IoT incidents may lead to minimal effects, all it could take is an attacker getting lucky and managing to breach a device connected to mission-critical systems.

Team Members