Drexel University

College of Computing and Informatics

Dragon IOT Pentesters

IT / Computer Security
Penetration testing and vulnerability assessment on various Drexel University IOT devices.
Dragon IOT Pentesters is committed to surveilling IoT devices on the Drexel University network. IOTs or the “Internet of Things,” is any sort of physical devices that connect to the network. These devices range from printers, security cameras, and HVAC systems – can easily be compromised if left unmonitored. Adversaries may gain access to a device to cause annoyance and steal sensitive information that may compromise the network.

The team aims to identify and inform these vulnerabilities to the Drexel Security team before an adversary can attack. Through this project, we not only hope to bring up certain issues in Drexel’s Network but also educate others on the risks IoT devices are faced if not properly configured. We aim to showcase our findings using various metrics and visualizations in a much more cohesive and coherent way so that others are able to interpret our findings more clearly.

Team Members