Drexel University

College of Computing and Informatics

Dragonville Community Hospital

Nursing Education Care Simulator
Nurses are tasked with recognizing changes in clinical conditions and making complex patient care decisions.  Nursing students have limited time to practice this in the hospital during clinicals.  However a type of nursing "flight simulator" could be utilized during and after class to allow students to experience and practice and hone their skills.

With the Dragonville Community Hospital virtual world, all of this will be possible.  Faculty will be able to introduce nursing care of clinical conditions through interactive storytelling in class with patient avatars that can be assessed and cared for virtually.  Through these gaming algorithms, nursing students can work through clinical decision-making in patient case scenarios that bring these situations to life.  Interacting with patients with different clinical conditions would allow faculty and students to explore caring for these patients while simultaneously meeting instructional objectives in an engaging way.  This type of approach is certainly supported by the literature to more fully engage students and enhance learning.

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