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CyberThreat Model

IT / Computer Security
CyberThreat Model offers a quick way for security analysts to access threat information and mitigation methods.
In today’s current technological environment, security analysts face an increasingly daunting task in terms of being able to quickly and efficiently parse information from sources such as MITRE, U.S. CERT, and ATT&CK to protect their systems. This turn of events is primarily due to threats from bad actors increasing in both size and complexity, making it a necessity for threat analysts to be constantly aware of threats posed to their environment, as well as how to mitigate said threats. 
	The CyberThreat Model aims to assist threat analysts by quickly filtering and condensing information on both the threats and mitigation methods. CyberThreat utilizes natural language processors to read and condense information from sources such as U.S. CERT and condense them into more readable formats, and store said information in ontologies. CyberThreat then allows the user to easily filter through the information to better determine what steps to take.

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