Drexel University

College of Computing and Informatics

Baseball Database

Web scraping and database creation for all existing baseball, sports, and trading cards
Ever since the fist collectible sports cards was sold in the late 1860s, the collectible card market has grown further beyond anyone’s expectation. With hundreds of millions of sports cards, and tens of millions of collectible trading cards, the amount of information about these cards are endless. Information about these cards, their data, multiple printings, and validity of the information are spread all across the internet. With new pages being created and old websites sitting dormant, the centralization of information in such a huge market is not existent. This is where we come in.

We are a team of dedicated enthusiasts ready to tackle this problem. Our solution is to create a powerful web-scraping tool that will gather data from old and new sites alike. We will filter and structure the messy data gathered, while cross-referencing information to statistically validate the data. We will then take this structured and validated data and construct a database that stores the card information, different printings, price history, and even image mapping for users to see. We aim to begin with one of the original collectible card markets: Baseball. 

Our team is consisted of 6 students attending Drexel university from across CCI majors, all sharing the same goal: collect, structure, correct, and organize all of the data floating across the internet about the baseball card market. Managed by a baseball card collecting enthusiast, we will create the central database for baseball cards, and open the doors for all trading and sports cards to be properly documented and centralized.

Team Members