Project Title "Out-of-class meetings are a hassle. You have to collect everyone’s schedules and contact information. Then find commonality among their availability, set up a location to discuss and send out invites. Sounds simple, how about there’s 20 people or when few can’t make it?"

"Fora aims to simplify this process by automating where possible. After inputting your availability, Fora finds a time and day for you and your colleagues to meet. Finally, Fora will set up the meeting place; notifying and reminding you when to join."

Team Members

"Kent, Huang"

"Donnie, Dang"

"Jalal, Kakar"

"Christian, Kraft"

"Viet, Le"

"Zixin, Lin"


Main Conversation page

Main Conversation page

This is the main page where students will see their conversations

Student Scheduling

Student Scheduling

This is the page where students set their availability

Behind the Scenes