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CCI Presents at ICHI 2019 in Xi’an, China

Drexel CCI participated in the 7th IEEE International Conference on Healthcare Informatics (ICHI 2019) in Xi’an, China, from June 10-13th. CCI professor Chris Yang served as the general co-chair and panelist for the conference.

Phd students Ou Stella Liang and Michal Monselise presented their full paper, “Identifying Important Risk Factors Associated with Vehicle Injuries using Driving Behavior Data and Predictive Analytics.” The paper was co-authored with Chris Yang. Ou Stella also presented a data analytics challenges paper co-authored with Ali Jazayeri and Chris Yang, entitled, “Interpatient Similarity-based Imputation of Missing Data in Electronic Health Records.”

Ou Stella participated in the doctoral consortium with her presentation, “Determining Safe Prescription Practices for Pregnant Women.”


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MRC Hosts NASKO 2019

The Metadata Research Center hosted the North American Symposium on Knowledge Organization (NASKO 2019) from June 13-14.

Sam Grabus, Jane Greenberg, Sonia Pascua, Deborah Garwood NASKO
NASKO 2019 Participants: MRC’s Sam Grabus, Jane Greenberg, Sonia Pascua, and Deborah Garwood.

MRC Phd Student Sam Grabus presented her paper, “Representing Aboutness: Automatically Indexing 19th-Century Encyclopedia Britannica Entries.” The presentation discussed topic relevance revaluation for automatic indexing results, evaluating which of three keyword extraction algorithms produce more relevant results for the digital collection.

Sam Grabus presenting at NASKO 2019
Sam Grabus presenting at NASKO 2019
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MRC Co-Sponsors NASKO this week: NASKO Highlights

The Metadata Research Center is co-hosting the North American Symposium on Knowledge Organization (NASKO 2019) from June 13-14th, at the College of Computing and Informatics.

Howard White: “On Patrick Wilson”

Professor Emeritus and Visiting Research Professor Howard White will deliver a special presentation at NASKO, titled “On Patrick Wilson.” Read more about Howard here.

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Metadata Mixer: “Metadata Madness”

TOPIC: Metadata Madness – accomplishments for the year, and/or goals for the summer.
Presenters: CCI PhD students, Cecilia Preston
Wednesday, June 12th
Time: 12:30-1:30 PM
Location: 3675 Market Street,
University City Science Center,
CCI’s new location
Room: Dean’s conference room is #1039 (10th floor)

ADDED FUN: A visit to the Metadata Research Center, now residing on the 11th floor of 3675 Market Street, joining AI (artificial intelligence) and data science [This is for guests outside CCI who may attend].

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LEADS-4-NDP 2019 Data Science Boot Camp

The LEADS-4-NDP 2019 fellowship program kicked off this week with a 3-day data science boot camp at Drexel University’s College of Computing and Informatics. Eleven fellows from iSchools across the U.S. are paired with nine National Digital Platform partner sites for 10-week remote internships to address data science challenges.

LEADS-4-NDP 2019 cohort
The 2019 LEADS cohort, joined by CCI’s Dr. Il-Yeol Song, Dr. Jane Greenberg, OCLC’s Jean Godby, and Project Manager Sam Grabus

Boot camp sessions included big data management; metadata; data pre-processing; data visualization; data mining and machine learning; large-scale and parallel computing, and automated data analytics tools. As part of the boot camp, LEADS mentors OCLC’s Jean Godby and DCIC’s Richard Marciano shared about data science opportunities at their institutions; And LEADS mentors Steven Dilliplane, Academy of Natural Sciences, and Peter Logan, Temple University’s Digital Scholarship Center, participated in boot camp activities.

Read more about the LEADS program HERE.

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Jeremy Leipzig Proposal Defense

Date: Thursday, 5/16
Time: 3:30pm
Location: Room 1005


  • Dr. Jane Greenberg, chair
  • Dr. Erjia Yan
  • Dr. Xia Lin
  • Dr. Gail Rosen, ECE
  • Dr. Karthik Ram, UC Berkeley

Title: Reproducible Computational Research in Bioinformatics: A Study of Tools and Metadata to Bind the Analytic Stack

Abstract: Reproducible computational research (RCR), and the “reproducibility crisis” continues to attract attention in a number of scientific disciplines. In this proposal, I represent reproducibility in terms of cohesiveness in the “analytic stack” comprising raw input data, tools, workflows, analyses, and publications. I review a number of existing major case study types – reproduction, replication, refactor, robustness test, survey, census, and case narrative. Of particular interest are refactors, in which an existing analysis with abstract methods is reimplemented by a third party. This proposal will identify three studies to be refactored, the state-of-the-art tools and standards to be applied, and how these attempts will be evaluated by external reviewers. The process of the refactor can be used to evaluate the limitations of reproducibility using conventional tools. From the refactor and survey I will identify persistent gaps in the “analytic stack”, and describe features of metadata solutions that can be used to address these deficiencies.

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CCI Distinguished Speaker Series: Dr. Richard Marciano

Date: Thursday, April 18th
Time: 11am
Location: The Quorum
3675 Market Street
2nd Floor, Q4B
Philadelphia, PA 19104
Presenter: Richard Marciano, University of Maryland, College Park

The  Metadata Research Center is proud to present a lecture from Dr. Richard Marciano (Professor in the College of Information Studies at the University of Maryland and Director of the Digital Curation Innovation Center) as part of the 2019 Distinguished Speaker Series:

“Developing a Computational Framework for Library and Archival Education”

Abstract: The Digital Curation Innovation Center (DCIC) at the University of Maryland’s iSchool, along with international partners, are exploring the foundation and building blocks for an integrated library and archival educational curriculum centered on computational treatments of large complex collections. This is designed to prepare the next generation of librarians and archivists to meet the evolving needs of professionals working with digital collections. The talk will discuss the latest developments in this space, with big cultural data examples, and present opportunities for collaboration.

This free event is open to the Drexel community.
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Drexel-CODATA FAIR Workshop

Title: Responsible Research Data Management Workshop
Date: March 31- April 1
Knowledge sharing between research committees and institutions. This workshop, co-sponsored by Drexel’s Metadata Research Center and CODATA, will feature invited speakers and an expert panel discussion, selected research and practice papers from an open call, a poster and lightning talks session, as well as workshop sessions on mechanisms for knowledge sharing and on issues of responsibility and sensitive data. To read the 2018 final report and action plan from the European Commission Expert Group on FAIR Data, entitled “Turning FAIR into Reality,” click here.

Paper Submission Deadline: Monday, March 4, 2019. Click here for submissions and registration links

To learn more, visit this link