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Drexel-CODATA FAIR Workshop

Title: Responsible Research Data Management Workshop
Date: March 31- April 1
Knowledge sharing between research committees and institutions. This workshop, co-sponsored by Drexel’s Metadata Research Center and CODATA, will feature invited speakers and an expert panel discussion, selected research and practice papers from an open call, a poster and lightning talks session, as well as workshop sessions on mechanisms for knowledge sharing and on issues of responsibility and sensitive data. To read the 2018 final report and action plan from the European Commission Expert Group on FAIR Data, entitled “Turning FAIR into Reality,” click here.

Paper Submission Deadline: Monday, March 4, 2019. Click here for submissions and registration links

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Carly Schanock: LEADS-4-NDP Presentation

On January 14, Carly Schanock, 2018/2019 LEADS-4-NDP project manager and MLIS graduate student, gave a presentation to the University of Pennsylvania’s STEM libraries detailing her project experiences. The presentation included topics such as:

  • The background of the project
  • Examples of project outcomes for each project/host
  • An example of a QUAD slide, completed by fellows
  • Her personal experience as the project manager
  • And the next steps for the 2019/2020 program

To view this presentation, click here

Jacob Kramer-Duffield to speak at the Metadata Research Center
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Informal Discussion with Jacob Kramer-Duffield on ‘Audience Analytics in Contemporary Media’

BYOL (“Bring your own lunch”) gathering and informal discussion with Jacob Kramer-Duffield. Changes in the media landscape have led to changes in how media companies think about and measure their audiences. These changes have implications for what content is created, how audiences experience it, and how it is organized and found.

When:  Thursday, January 11, 12:00-1:00 PM

Where: 231 Rush Building MRC (Metadata Research Center)

Jacob Kramer-Duffield, Jane Greenberg, Chloe Rotman, Sam Grabus
Jacob Kramer-Duffield discussing audience analytics at the Metadata Research Center.

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A visual representation of the BVDA workshop discussions.
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MRC Quarterly News – Fall 2017

Quick news

MRC News September-December 2017


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MRC Doctoral Students Present at RDA 10th Plenary in Montreal

Metadata Research Center (MRC) researchers presented at the Research Data Alliance (RDA) 10th Plenary Meeting in Montreal Canada, from September 19th-22nd. Drexel doctoral students, Sam Grabus and Kai Li, both RDA Data Share Fellows, presented their research posters on current fellowship progress.
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Spring & Summer Updates – 2017

  • MRC (Metadata Research Center) participated in the NSF 2017 Joint PI Big Data Meeting, March 15th-17th in Washington D.C.; doctoral student, Sam Grabus, presented her poster entitled “Share DB: A Licensing Model and Ecosystem for Data Sharing” for research on the Northeast Big Data Hub project “A Licensing Model and Ecosystem for Data Sharing“.
  • Chinese Academy of Sciences, Beijing, China, on March 20th. Jane Greenberg presented developing research, “Data Sharing Licensing: From Challenges to Metadata Solutions.”

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