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The Metadata Research Center, located at the College of Computing & Informatics (CCI), Drexel University, leads and innovates metadata solutions for pressing information/data-oriented challenges. Metadata, semantics, and ontologies are vital for effectively and efficiently using and manipulating data. The MRC is committed to advancing research in these areas, formalizing metadata-driven methods and approaches, and vitalizing our capacities for using data across all sectors.

Current MRC research initiatives target metadata capital, digital data, data-at-risk, and knowledge organization via leadership and engagement in Dryad, two HIVE DataNet collaborations, the Metadata Capital Initiative, the DCMI Science & Metadata Community, the RDA Metadata Standards Directory Working Group, and the CODATA/Data-at-Risk Working Group.

Our information environs introduce issues requiring rigorous investigation of metadata generation techniques, applications, knowledge organization systems, linked data, standards, and more. The MRC leads and participates in research addressing significant questions and discovering metadata solutions for today’s most pressing information management challenges.

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