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  • NEH-19th Century Knowledge Project - Developing the Data Set of Nineteenth-Century Knowledge(NEH HAA-261228-18). Researchers at Drexel University's Metadata Research Center and Temple University, are developing infrastructure and advancing methods for studying the transformation of nineteenth-century knowledge via computational analysis of several editions of the Encyclopedia Britannica from 1788 to 1911, and the use of the HIVE technology and selected linked data terminologies. This project draws on historic editions of the Encyclopedia Britannica, a vital resource of knowledge.
  • NSF-HDR-Accelerating the Discovery of Electronic Materials through Human-Computer Bayesian Optimization(NSF/OAC #1940239). The overarching goal of this project is to accelerate the discovery of materials with tailored electronic properties through human-computer active search. An interdisciplinary team of researchers from Colorado School of Mines, Northeastern University, Tuft University, and Washington University are developing a framework for scientific discovery that leverages recent advances in material databases, machine learning, visualization, human-machine interaction, and knowledge structures. To broadly assess the efficacy of this approach, the search effort will span the electronic behavior of both molecules and crystalline materials. The HIVE technology is being used to parse published knowledge and user feedback against a suite of ontologies, further aiding the search and discovery process by providing relational insight between features.
  • CCHV: Consolidated Consumer Health Vocabulary