Erin T. Solovey, Ph. D.


Erin Solovey directs the Advanced Interaction Research (AIR) Lab. She is an Assistant Professor of Computer Science in the College of Computing & Informatics at Drexel University. She is also affiliated with the School of Biomedical Engineering, Science & Health Systems at Drexel.

Dr. Solovey's main research area is human-computer interaction, specifically emerging interaction modes and techniques, such as brain-computer interfaces, physiological & wearable computing, affective computing and reality-based interaction. Her work uses machine learning approaches to build adaptive user interfaces that support the user’s changing cognitive state and context. Her work has applications in areas such as health, driving, aviation, privacy, STEM education, gaming, accessibility, complex decision making, as well as human interaction with autonomous systems and vehicles.

Dr. Solovey has received several awards including the NSF/CRA Computing Innovation Fellowship and three CHI Best Paper Award Honorable Mentions, and her work has been covered in MIT Technology Review, Slashdot, Engadget and others. She was a postdoctoral fellow in the Humans and Automation Lab (HAL) at MIT, working with Missy Cummings. She received her bachelor’s degree in computer science from Harvard University, and her M.S. and Ph.D. in computer science from Tufts University, working in the Human-Computer Interaction Research Group with Robert Jacob. She also has conducted research at MIT Lincoln Laboratory and in the Computational User Experiences group at Microsoft Research with Desney Tan and Dan Morris. Previously, she was a software engineer at Oracle, and also has experience at several startups. Solovey is committed to improving STEM education and broadening participation in computing.

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Research opportunities at Drexel: I am currently recruiting motivated Ph.D., Masters and undergraduate students interested in Human-Computer Interaction research. Contact me if interested. Read more...


April, 2017: Two papers from our group have been accepted to the 1st Neuroadaptive Technology (NAT) conference: "User Identification from fNIRS Brain Data Using Deep Learning" with Denisa Qori McDonald and "Toward Neuroadaptive Personal Learning Environments" with Ruixue Liu and Erin Walker.
March, 2017: Our paper, "Mindful Shopping: A Compulsive Buying Disorder Management Tool." with Ruixue Liu and Gabriela Marcu accepted to ACM CHI 17 Workshop on Interactive Systems for Health.
March, 2017: Our paper, AgileFood: Facilitating Adaptive Food Donation to Address Hunger and Reduce Waste" with Denisa Qori McDonald accepted to ACM CHI 17 Workshop on Designing Sustainable Food Systems.
March, 2017: Our paper Semantically far inspirations considered harmful? Accounting for cognitive states in collaborative ideation" was accepted to ACM Creativity & Cognition 2017 conference (with Joel Chan, Pao Siangliulue, Denisa Qori McDonald, Reza Moradinezhad, Safa Aman, Krzysztof Gajos and Steven Dow).
March, 2017: Our paper, Integrating Brain and Physiological Sensing with Virtual Agents to Amplify Human Perception, with Reza Moradinezhad accepted to ACM CHI 17 Workshop on Amplification and Augmentation of Human Perception
February, 2017: We are now accepting applications for the 2017 Drexel REThink Project, a Research Experiences for Teachers (RET) Site in Engineering and Computer Science for Machine Learning to Enhance Human-Centered Computing. STEM and Computer Science high school teachers and 2-year college faculty in the Philadelphia Area are encouraged to apply for this program running this summer. Deadline: March 31
February, 2017: Our paper "Mental Health Markers in Language and Brain Data: Potential Diagnostic Use and Privacy Concerns" with Denisa Qori McDonald, Rachel Greenstadt and Girija Kaimal was accepted to the 2nd Symposium on Computing and Mental Health at the ACM CHI 2017 Conference in May.
February, 2017: Our paper "A field study of multimodal alerts for an autonomous threat detection system" was accepted to the 2017 HCI International Conference in July.  January, 2017: Joined program committee for ACM SIGCHI Conference on Engineering Interactive Computing Systems. Paper Abstracts Deadline: January 9.
December, 2016: End of Drexel Fall Quarter Check out some of the projects on the CS 338 (Graphical User Interface) course blog
December, 2016: CHI program committee meeting in Denver, CO.
November, 2016: Joined program committee for Neuroadaptive Technology Conference. Paper deadline: March 13, 2017.
November, 2016: Joined program committee for the 2017 NeuroIIR 2017 - CHIIR Workshop on Challenges in Bringing Neuroscience to Research in Human-Information Interaction. Paper submission deadline: January 12, 2017.
October, 2016: Our paper "Veneer: A Digital Visual Novel Game Exploring Player Empathy" (with Felicia Tucker, Chris Geib and Frank Lee) will be presented by Felicia at the Meaningful Play conference.
September, 2016: EXEL Magazine profiled my research: Driven to Distraction and it also appeared on the Drexel College of Computing & Informatics website
September, 2016: Joined program committee for ACM Creativity & Cognition 2017 conference. Call for participation, deadline January 6, 2017.
September, 2016: Beginning of Fall quarter. Teaching undergrad course: CS338 Graphical User Interfaces
August, 2016: STAR Scholars summer showcase - great job, Eni, Monica and Safa!
August, 2016: Invited talk at United Technology Research Center
July, 2016: Invited talk at Workshop on Collaborative Sensing, Learning, and Control in Human-Machine Systems at the American Control Conference
June, 2016: Start of the summer quarter. Welcome to our 3 STAR Scholars: Safa, Monica and Enioluwa!
June, 2016: End of the winter quarter. Check out some of the projects on the CS 530 (Developing User Interface) course blog
April, 2016: Joined ACM CHI conference program committee in the Engineering Interactive Systems subcommittee.
March, 2016: End of the winter quarter. Check out some of the projects on the CS 338 (Graphical User Interface) course blog
February, 2016: Interviewed in New Scientist about BCIs for learning piano.
February, 2016: Late Breaking Work paper Toward Real-time Brain Sensing for Learning Assessment: Building a Rich Dataset accepted to CHI 2016, with Shelby Keating, Erin Walker and Anil Motupali