BigData Cup Challenges

Solar Flare Prediction from Time Series of Solar Magnetic Field Parameters

Dustin Kempton, Berkay Aydin, and Rafal Angryk

FEMH Voice Data Challenge 2019

Chi-Te Wang, Feng-Chuan Lin, Yu Tsao, and Shih-Hau Fang

Suspicious Network Event Recognition

Andrzej Janusz, Piotr Synak, Joel Holland, and Dominik Slezak

Real-time Machine Learning Competition on Data Streams

Albert Bifet, Dihia Boulegane, and Nedeljko Radulovic

Understanding Multilingual Communities through Analysis of Code-switching Behaviors in Social Media Discussions

Michelle Vanni, Lucia Falzon, Shanika Karunasekera, Aaron Harwood, and Prarthana Padia