Senior Project - Final Four 2015-2016

Tuesday, May 24th

After an hour long poster presentation our four finalists competing in the 2015-2016 CCI Final Four. This year's competition was fierce with team Jam Jar taking top honors. Watch the entire evening's presentations.


First Place: Jam Jar - $2,000

Jam Jar
Jam Jar: combines crowdsourced concert videos to let users replay live performances from anywhere in the crowd!

Jam Jar

Drew Banin, Mark Koh, Professor Vokolos, Jessica Eng, Ethan Riback, and Sanjana Raj (pictured from left to right)

Watch a video of their presentation (including intro).

Second Place: Goal Ball - $1,000

Goal Ball
Goal Ball: a real-world game played by individuals world-wide from a local level to the Paralympics.

Goal Ball

Richa Bhartia, Jordon Stone, Colton Terrace, Ryan Crim, Cho Gyn Min, Ryan Smith, John Frankel, and TJ Heiney (pictured from left to right), not shown, Buzz Lakata

Watch a video of their presentation.


Honorable Mention: Worden - $500

Worden: a natural language processing tool to help protect the privacy and security of individuals by obfuscating their writing style.


Corey Everitt, Travis Dutko, Marc Barrowclift, Eric Nordstrom, and Jiakang Jin (pictured from left to right), not shown, Frankie "The Donald" Orrego

Watch a video of their presentation.

Honorable Mention: Booksmart Touring - $500

Booksmart Touring
Booksmart Touring: A web and mobile platform for artists and their teams to become orga-nized before they hit the road for a concert tour.

Booksmart Touring

Molly King, Josh Weinstein, Daniel Nguen, Heidi Muth, and Airika Volkova (pictured from left to right), not shown, Roderick Sterling.

Watch a video of their presentation (and winners announced).


The Outstanding College of Computing and Informatics Project competition was funding by the following generous companies for the 2015-2016 school year. This year’s awards were made possible through donations from our sponsors:

Unisys is a worldwide information technology company. We provide a portfolio of IT services, software, and technology that solves critical problems for clients. We specialize in helping clients secure their operations, increase the efficiency and utilization of their data centers, enhance support to their end users and constituents, and modernize their enterprise applications. To provide these services and solutions, we bring together offerings and capabilities in outsourcing services, systems integration and consulting services, infrastructure services, maintenance services, and high-end server technology."

Founded in 1984, Bentley Systems is a global software development company, employing 3,000 colleagues in 45 countries, with revenues surpassing $500 million, and has invested more than $1 billion in research, development, and acquisitions. Bentley is dedicated to providing architects, engineers and top design firms with comprehensive software solutions for the design, construction and management of infrastructure that supports and sustains our planet. We currently offer more than 150 desktop, server and mobile software products to users around the world.

Cigna, headquartered in Bloomfield, Connecticut, US, is a global health services organization. Its insurance subsidiaries are major providers of medical, dental, disability, life and accident insurance and related products and services, the majority of which are offered through employers and other groups (e.g. governmental and non-governmental organizations, unions and associations). Cigna also offers Medicare and Medicaid products and health, life and accident insurance coverages primarily to individuals in the U.S. and selected international markets. In addition to its ongoing operations described above, Cigna also has certain run-off operations, including a Run-off Reinsurance segment. In the Phoenix, Arizona metro area Cigna runs a full-service staff-model HMO (health maintenance organization) with satellite clinics throughout the region, known as the Cigna Medical Group.

eMoney consolidates hundreds of billions of dollars in assets for hundreds of thousands of clients. Holdings are actively being updated from thousands of institutions nightly, and the system plays a major role in the life of firms in three countries and all fifty states.

In a manner unparalleled by any other system, eMoney has helped advisors increase assets under management, identify product opportunities, and win the confidence and loyalty of the clients they serve.

eMoney’s technological advances continue. What also continues is the defining principle of its existence: unwavering dedication to helping advisors and their clients achieve success.

Senior Project - Judges

Each year our "Final Four" competition is assessed by a panel of external judges selected from local industry. Often the judges have a strong tie to the College of Computing and Informatics.

Each student group provides a 20 minute presentation that is evaluated by the judges for the nature of their project, it's technical difficulty, it's impact, how well they followed software engineering principles including specification, design, implementation, and testing, how well the project worked and their presentation style. These criteria are summarized in our Final Presentation Grading Rubric.

The best project is selected to represent the department in the College of Engineering Senior Design competition. A runner up is also selected. All groups receive a monetary prize.


Joshua Daltry is the Senior Vice President of Development. Mr. Daltry started at eMoney as a Software Engineer, working closely with advisors to develop the eMoney system. He was instrumental in the development of eMoney's financial planning simulation engine, client site, and mobile applications which today are an intrinsic component of the company's offering to advisors. He has developed and launched numerous versions of the eMoney 360 suite of solutions and currently leads the product development teams.

Prior to joining eMoney, Mr. Daltry was a Software Engineer at Lighthammer Software which was later acquired by SAP. Mr. Daltry also worked at VerticalNet and Reality Online/Reuters.

Mr. Daltry attended Temple University and is currently an adjunct professor of computer science at Drexel University.

Years: 2013, 2014, 2016


Colin Kerr is a Software Engineer at Bentley Systems, working on an application framework which provides a common data format and API to enable a free flow of business data between Bentley applications.

Years: 2014, 2015, 2016

Earlin Lutz is an Advisory Software Engineer at Bentley Systems , specializing in meshing, bsplines, and analytic geometry. He holds a BS in Mechanical Engineering (Penn State 1978) and PhD in Computer Science (Cornell 1991)

Years: 2011, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016

Rick Blyler is an Engineering Director at Unisys Corporation. His background is in computer and systems development including hardware, software, systems and services. He is an experienced technical leader, innovator and inventor who currently is responsible for the hardware infrastructure associated with Unisys's Enterprise class ClearPath Forward operating systems (MCP & OS 2200). Rick received his undergraduate degree from Bloomsburg University.

Years: 2016

Brian Mitchell, Ph.D. is a Senior Director in Cigna's Enterprise Architecture team. In this role he has leadership responsibility for the architecture of Cigna's externally facing web, mobile and API digital assets. Brian also leads a team that defines and influences the incubation and introduction of new and disruptive technologies aligned to Cigna's enterprise innovation goals. As a technologist Brian is recognized as a thought leader in the broad area of Service Oriented Architecture, Functional Reactive Programming, designing highly resilient/scalable systems, and modernizing software engineering practices. In previous roles, Brian was also a co-founder and president of Integrated Systemware, Inc.

In addition to Brian’s responsibilities at CIGNA he is also an adjunct professor at Drexel University College of Computing and Informatics (CCI). Dr. Mitchell has published over 15 peer-reviewed scientific papers in the field of Search-Based Software Engineering, and has participated on many organizing and program committees for the IEEE and ACM. Brian speaks conferences, panels and roundtables, and was one of the co-founders of the Enterprise Architecture Forum, a group of senior architects who focus on EA challenges. Brian also helped to launch the Philadelphia Chapter of the International Association of Software Architects (IASA). When not working with technology, Brian enjoys spending time woodworking, and coaching his son’s baseball team.

Years: 2016