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Program Planning

Program Planning is an integral part of your academic career. Here are some very useful tools that you can use while creating an academic plan of study. A plan of study is useful when determining which courses to take and when and it can also be use to track your progress to graduation.

Graduate catalog 

"The Catalog contains all programs offered by Drexel University providing enrolled students with the information they need regarding their chosen academic path and helping prospective students make important enrollment decisions."

Masters Programs and Certificates - For new students who are entering Fall, please visit  the most current Drexel University Catalog.

For continuing students, please use this link and choose the year you ENTERED the program: the Drexel University Catalog archives. 

Term Master Schedule

The 'Term Master Schedule' (TMS) provides the most current information and is the University's published course schedule for the entire academic year.  Graduate level courses are INFO 500 classes and above. If you click on a section number in the TMS, you can view the full course description, prerequisite requirements, and other pertinent course information including enrollment caps and seats avaialble. To see when courses are typically offered (since not all courses are offered every term in the various formats (Online/On campus)) please refer to the 'Term Master Schedule' (which can also be accessed via DrexelConnect)

Please note that classes may appear to have more seats open than actually available; seat availability on the TMS may not update in real time.

Note: During fall you can see the full academic year using the TMS. Upon admission we recommend that use the TMS to create your academic plan for the year. If you would like to plan ahead, and not all terms are showing on the 'Term Master Schedule,' you can utilize the HISTORICAL course projections (these are subject to change making your plan tentative). Here is where you can find course projections:

You may also utilize DegreeWorks via DrexelConnect to plan out your coursework through to graduate (called a "Plan of Study"). Once you have created your Plan of Study, send it to your Graduate Advisor so s/he can provide you with appropriate and constructive feedback.

MS Students

For NEW MS LIS students: We recommend you begin your coursework with INFO 522, INFO 521, INFO 520 or INFO 515.

For subsequent terms, we recommend taking the remainder of your core classes. Please note that this is a recommendation only and can be modified based on student preference and course availability. Once you have satisfied a pre-req for a course, you are eligible to register for that course in DrexelConnect.

MSIS Students

For NEW MSIS students, we recommend you begin your coursework with INFO 530, INFO 532, INFO 605, or INFO 614. If any/all of these courses have been waived for you during the admissions process, please begin with INFO 608 and your distribution requirements.

MSHI Students

For NEW MS HI students: Students in the MSHI program should begin with your coursework with either INFO 530 and/or INFO 648.

MSSE Students

For NEW MS SE students in the IST-MSSE program should begin with core courses and consult with their advisor if they have questions about their specific track.