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About the Institute

Our Scope

With a capability for multiple levels of secure and unclassified research, the Drexel Institute leverages a cross-domain and University-wide faculty and staff, world-class research and teaching laboratories and the extensive regional networks immediately accessible to Drexel University located on their main campus in Philadelphia and offices in Washington, D.C. The Institute connects multiple cyber security programs at Drexel, acts as an information repository, provides consultants, conducts applied research and development, and facilitates regional sharing through boundless seminars, workshops and symposia.

Our Approach

The Institute's approach extends beyond the traditional wired network in analyzing the universal dependence of ubiquitous mobile communications, social media, sensors, and ways to exploit the big data-enabled revolution taking place in information.

The Institute's programs:

  • Support large enterprise infrastructure defense, local and regional criminal justice and law enforcement, financial and insurance providers, mobile communication providers, industry, and private entrepreneurs and small businesses.
  • Incorporate cross-discipline partnerships between University academic and research programs such as Computer Science, Informatics, Law, Library Science, Robotics, Human-Computing Interface, Business, Gaming and Media.
  • Provide big data intelligence and cyber professionals the opportunity to detect, prevent and thwart would be criminals/attackers and the insider threat through the use of a synergistic lab and teaching modules, coupled with a cyber range.

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Our Advantage

Our labs specialize in assembling world-class assets to provide the most realistic environment for hands on experience in protection, defense and attack operations without disturbing real-world networks. 

Drexel's goal is to integrate into the Joint Cyberspace Operations Range providing students and operators the ability to train in disparately located cyber training systems based on user needs to simulate the public internet with rapid reconfigurable capacities. Graduates will be well prepared as the next cadre of cyber professionals.