Metadata Mixers

Project Summary

Starting February 8th, at the College of Computing and Informatics, Sponsored by the Metadata Research Center.
Metadata Mixer times and locations are subject to change. Please note these changes in the schedule below.
  • Wednesday, February 15: Metadata and Data Refuge
    Speaker: Laurie Allen.
    Webcast recorded by Drexel Liason Librarian,
    Tim Siftar: Video

    Laurie is the Assistant Director for Digital Scholarship at the University of Pennsylvania. She spoke about the metadata challenges and opportunities in the work of creating and maintaining the Data Refuge project.

To read Robert’s full bio and a synopsis of his talk: PDF

  • Wednesday May 10: Metadata Services’ New Capacities
    Time: 1-2 pm
    Location: Rush Building 209
    Speakers: Deb Morley, Director, Data & Digital Stewardship; Holly Tomren, Manager, Metadata Services, Data & Digital Stewardship, Drexel University Libraries

    • Data & Digital Stewardship
      Deb Morley (Slides)
      Presentation will cover how Data and Digital Stewardship division at Drexel University is playing a key role developing and implementing the Libraries’ support of a university wide approach to research data management and curation of digital content.
    • Metadata Services’ New Capabilities
      Holly Tomren (Slides)
      Presentation will cover what does it mean to offer “Metadata Services” in a modern university library.  As Tomren shares, these services extend well beyond traditional resource description to include large scale batch metadata manipulation; automated metadata processing; metadata analysis and quality management; vocabulary and schema design; and transformation and mappings between a variety of schema, entity management, and consultation for digital collections and research data projects beyond the libraries’ own collections. Tomren will provide examples from each of these areas.
  • Wednesday, May 17: Metadata for Life: Examples, Topics, Issues and Grand Challenges Time: 1-2 pm
    Speaker: Steve Dilliplane, Biodiversity Informatics Support at the Academy of Natural Sciences
    Location: The Academy of Natural Sciences, Room PCER 3

    • Drexel staff and Drexel students can get into the Academy free with their Dragon Card.  No special sign-in needed.
    • Others are welcome to come in the 19th Street entrance and sign-in at the reception desk, mention Metadata Mixer and/or Steve Dilliplane’s name, and get directions to the PCER 3 room, from there.
  • Wednesday, May 24:
    Time: 1-2 pm
    Reception and opportunity to work hands-on with 2-3 pm (bring your laptop and register here!)
    Speaker: Carolee Mitchell
    Location: Rush Building 009 overview

    • Carolee Mitchell is the Manager of User Operations from and will be present to introduce the platform, provide a demo, and answer any questions the group may have.
    • is the social network for data people. As a Public Benefit Corporation and Certified B Corporation®, makes data discoverable, interoperable, and social. The mission of is to build the most meaningful, collaborative and abundant data resource in the world in order to maximize data’s societal problem-solving utility, advocate publicly for improving the adoption, usability, and proliferation of open data and linked data, and serve as an accessible historical repository of the world’s data.