MRC Core Team 2015MRC Core Team 2015

The Metadata Research Center <MRC>, located at the College of Computing & Informatics (CCI), Drexel University, has been established to advance research in metadata, semantics, and ontologies.

Current <MRC> research initiatives target metadata capital, digital data, data-at-risk, andknowledge organization via leadership and engagement in Dryad, two HIVE DataNet collaborations, the Metadata Capital Initiative, the DCMI Science & Metadata Community, the RDA Metadata Standards Directory Working Group, and the CODATA/Data-at-Risk Working Group.



MRC Core Team, 2011-2012

Our information environs introduce issues requiring rigorous investigation of metadata generation techniques, applications, knowledge organization systems, linked data, standards, and more. The <MRC> leads and participates in research addressing significant questions and discovering metadata solutions for today’s most pressing information management challenges.


MRC Core Team, 2009-2010