Prudence Dalrymple
Director of the Institute for Healthcare Informatics
Research and Teaching Professor, The iSchool at Drexel
Prudence Dalrymple, Ph.D

Dr. Dalrymple's research and teaching reflects her interest in user-centered information behaviors, particularly in the health arena. From 2005-2007, she was a National Library of Medicine Fellow in health sciences informatics at the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine where her research focused on the dissemination of research evidence for improving clinical practice. In addition to her academic career as both an instructor and an administrator, she has practiced as a health sciences librarian in clinical and academic settings.

IHI Deans
David Fenske
David E. Fenske, Ph.D.
Dean, The iSchool at Drexel
Gloria Ferraro Donnelly
Gloria Ferraro Donnelly, Ph.D., RN, FAAN
Dean, College of Nursing and Health Professions
Marla J. Gold
Marla J. Gold, M.D.
Dean, Drexel University School of Public Health
Richard V. Homan
Banu Onaral, Ph.D.
H. H. Sun Professor & Director, School of Biomedical Engineering, Science & Health Systems
Richard V. Homan
Kenny J. Simansky, Ph.D.
Vice Dean for Research, College of Medicine

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NamePositionDepartmentEmailCurriculum Vitae
An, YuanAssistant ProfessoriSchool
Bloch, JoanAssistant ProfessorCNHP Bloch2011_CV
Booker, GlennAssistant ProfessoriSchool
Brown, Darryl Assistant ProfessorSPH BrownCV
Burstyn, IgorAssociate ProfessorSPH BurstynCV
Chou, Edgar Assistant ProfessorDUCOM
Dalrymple, Prudence W.Director, Institute for Healthcare InformaticsiSchool DalrympleP2010_CV
Donelly, Gloria FerraroDean, College of Nursing and Health ProfessionsCNHP
Fenkse, David E.Dean, iSchool at DrexeliSchool
Fisher, Kathleen Associate ProfessorCNHP
Follen, MichelleAssociate Vice Dean Research, Director Women's Health ResearchDUCOM FOLLEN2011_CV
Forte, AndreaAssistant ProfessoriSchool ForteACV
Gasson, Susan Associate ProfessoriSchool
Gerrity, PatriciaProfessor, Associate Dean for Community Programs CNHP
Gifford-Hollingsworth, CynthiaResident Nurse, DrNP CandidateDUCOM Gifford-HollingsworthC1010_CV
Gold, Marla J.Dean, Drexel University School of Public HealthSPH
Handly, Neal Assistant ProfessorDUCOM
Homan, Richard V.Annenberg Dean, Senior Vice President for Health Affairs, College of MedicineDUCOM
Hu, Xiao Tony Associate ProfessoriSchool
Jackson, LairdProfessorDUCOM
Ke, WeimaoAssistant ProfessoriSchool Ke-CV-v2010
Khoo, MichaelAssistant ProfessoriSchool Khoo_CV
Lee, BrianAssistant ProfessorSPH Lee2011_CV
Li, JasonAssistant ProfessoriSchool Li_CV
Lin, XiaAssociate ProfessoriSchool LinX_CV
Maggs, JillAdjunct Faculty MemberCNHP
McCain, KatherineProfessoriSchool McCainK907_CV
Montgomery, OwenDepartment Chair, OBGYN controlDUCOM MontgomeryO09162010_CV
Multak, NinaAssistant Clinical ProfessorCNHP MultakN110910_CV
Okupniak, CarolAssistant Clinical ProfessorCNHP OkupniakC_CV
Onaral, BanuH. H. Sun Professor & Director, School of Biomedical Engineering, Science & Health SystemsBiomed Eng Onaral052011_CV
ONeil, MaggieAssociate ProfessorCNHP ONeilM10082010_CV
Palisano, RobertProfessorSPH PalisanoRNov2010_CV
Robertson, NoreenDirector, Research Program Development, College of MedicineDUCOM
Rogers, MichelleAssistant ProfessoriSchool
Rosen, GailAssistant ProfessorDECE
Sarcevic, AleksandraAssistant ProfessoriSchool
Silverstein, Scot M. Adjunct Faculty MemberiSchool
Simanksy, KennyVice Dean, College of MedicineDUCOM
Sloane, ElliotAssistant ProfessorBioMed Eng ElliotBSloaneCV-Dec09b
Smith, SueAssociate Dean for Research, College of Nursing and Health ProfessionsCNHP
Snow-Jones, AlisonAssociate ProfessorSPH Snow-JonesA11062010_CV
Sockolow, PaulinaAssistant ProfessorCNHP Sockolow2011_CV
Taylor, JenniferAssistant ProfessorSPH TaylorJ_CV
Unsworth, KristeneAssistant ProfessoriSchool UnsworthK_CV
Waite, RobertaAssociate ProfessorSPH WaiteR_CV
Watson, MarleneAssociate ProfessorCNHP WatsonM_CV
Wilson, LindaAssistant ProfessorCNHP
Yang, Christopher C.Associate ProfessoriSchool
Yudell, MichaelAssistant ProfessorSPH YudellM_CV
Zach, LislAssistant ProfessoriSchool ZachL2010_CV