Key Responsibilities/Accountabilities:


         Recruit and develop a Medical Informatics team within Informatics & Knowledge Management


         Develop, articulate and implement the vision, strategy and plans for the Medical Informatics team contributing to the drug discovery programs


         Lead and motivate the Medical Informatics team, ensuring the team is focussed to meet its prioritized objectives and deliver impact on the R&D business


         Engage with the CEDDs and other parts of R&D to identify, prioritize and partner on projects where Medical Informatics can deliver business impact. Develop both strategic (long term) collaborations that will have a sustained impact as well as short term efforts that will impact high-priority R&D projects


         Establish an interface with the other informatics or relevant organizations within R&D to ensure activities are complementary and build relationships with these organizations to partner on projects when appropriate


         Leverage the portfolio of R&D data and information resources taking a more holistic view on decision making and extend the value of these investments


         Create a "hands-on" approach by which the team participates in projects and be expected to learn the science of the projects where they are participating


         Identify and apply, as appropriate, novel techniques to address needs, utilizing systematic or ad hoc approaches depending upon timeliness and nature of problem


         Stay abreast of new technologies that may significantly impact the delivery of solutions to existing or emerging R&D problems for Medical Informatics projects or productivity


         Provide input and guidance to R&D IT activities to provide better solutions that enable multi-disciplinary research through engagement with the strategic consultants from the business aligned IT groups


         Participate in the IKM management team, contributing to its leadership, vision and strategy enabling IKM to meet its objectives


         Provide for awareness and develop relationships and collaborations with external organizations to track and implement developments in the field of Medical Informatics






QUALIFICATIONS / Doctoral degree (or equivalent experience) in Science, or

TRAINING: Computer Science with at least five years of pharmaceutical or other industrial R&D experience



EXPERIENCE / Minimum of five years of managing a multidisciplinary team


Wide ranging knowledge of advanced computer science and AI techniques with proven experience in the successful delivery of research projects.


Broad knowledge and understanding of the pharmaceutical R&D business with appreciation of the trends that are impacting such businesses



PERSONAL QUALITIES / Must be able to lead a global team deployed in a

ABILITIES: matrix environment with numerous demands and short term deliverables


Work independently to schedule and manage resources to meeting commitments across a globally distributed customer base


Must be able to build effective relationships engaging, influencing and leading staff at a senior level with impact across all of R&D


Must be able to understand complex scientific problems and computational solutions and technologies


Must be flexible and pragmatic in solving problems and a good analytical thinker


Must be able to develop a vision and strategies for medical informatics approaches within R&D


High degree of leadership, project and people management skills


High degree of creativity and innovation in developing new approaches, processes and methodologies - Highly effective influencing and stakeholder management skills - High level of energy, enthusiasm and commitment


Credible in a global matrix environment, across a range of functions, seniority, and geography