Contemporary Issues in Medical Informatics: Good Health IT, Bad Health IT, and Common Examples of Healthcare IT Difficulties
I received this anonymous story from a reader of this website:

Take this lousy Director of Nothing job and …


I received this anonymous story from a reader of this website:


I was recently terminated from the Director of Clinical Informatics at a 550 bed hospital because I do not accept status quo.  Apparently, I had too many questions and began to make the senior administrators uncomfortable that their tactics would be exposed.  


It was very evident to me early on that our "vendor of choice" would be who we ended up with before we even embarked on the facade of "vendor selection".  I made this crystal clear and did not vote when the decision was made.  The integrity of the process was very questionable.  


I had been pushing for detailed workflow analysis, Lean six sigma and process redesign since I was employed there almost 3 years ago.  They would not embrace the idea ... probably because it would uncover their "dirt" as someone else stated in the google blog Healthcare Renewal, which is how I located this website.  


It is very difficult to prove some of the fraudulent behavior that occurs with purchasing healthcare IT systems.  We have several pieces of vendor software that we supposedly purchased, but have never implemented.  We implement the vendor solutions, only to learn that many additional expenses will be added as we go, so we create millions of dollars in contingency funds to cover our lack of planning and accountability for these systems.  


My focus has always been and will always be the patient when it comes to implementing technology in healthcare.  The shady politics and unethical dealings will take care of themselves.  I hope to be the catalyst to begin exposing it.  


Thanks for the opportunity to vent.