Course Materials for
INFO 330 - Computer Networking Tech I

This applies to the Spring 2015 term.

RFC 2616
For those wanting more programming, here are code examples from Linux Socket Programming by Sean Walton using C, C++, and Java.
Summary of networking layers and protocols ** updated 3/25/15 **
Review of binary-decimal conversion as it relates to IP addresses
Sample ISOC newsletter, including IETF Journal with 25th anniversary article

Assignments (Word 03 format)

Assignment #1

Assignment #2

Assignment #3
Assignment #4

Lecture Notes (PowerPoint 03 format)
See also syllabus for text author's lecture notes link.

Chapter 1 - overview
Chapter 2 - application layer
Chapter 3 - transport layer
Chapter 4 - network layer
Chapter 5 - link layer