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Official Fall Enrollment - Undergraduate Major

Fall 2013

B.A. in Computer Science 11
B.S. in Computer Science 470
B.S. in Software Engineering 122
B.S. in Information Systems 108
B.S. in Information Technology 131
B.S. in Computing & Security Technology 174
Total enrollment 1,016


Degrees Awarded - Bachelors Program/Major                  


B.A. in Computer Science 1
B.S. in Computer Science 51
B.S. in Software Engineering 10
B.S. in Information Systems 25
B.S. in Information Technology 18
B.S. in Computing & Security Technology 56
Total Bachelors degrees awarded 161

(Last update: March 24, 2014)

Please note: Due to the recent launch of the B.S. in Informatics program, enrollment and graduation data for the program is not available at this time. This page will be updated as soon as data becomes available.