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Certificate in Cybersecurity, Law and Policy

Students in the three course, online graduate Certificate in Cybersecurity, Law and Policy will receive the fundamentals on cybersecurity, policy and issues of cyber law. The program is intended for legal policy and technological professionals who want to bridge the gap between technology and the laws that govern cybersecurity. This certificate is the first of its kind that examines technical and policy issues under one umbrella while looking at issues of cybersecurity.


INFO 517 Principles of Cybersecurity
Provides the foundation for understanding the key issues associated with protecting information assets, determining the levels of protection and response to security incidents. Presents a general overview and is suitable for individuals with little exposure to IT security.

INFO 717 Cyber-Computer Crime Law
Surveys the legal issues raised by computer-related crime. Covers criminal law and the structure of the laws relating to computer crime. Examines the nature and function of the privacy laws that regulate investigations of computer-related crime. Evaluates how competing jurisdictions work together or independently to investigate and prosecute computer-related crimes

INFO 718 Cybersecurity, Law and Policy
Examines issues relating to the organization of the Internet and the government's response to cyber threats.  Introduces policy/legal concepts relating to the private sector and civilian government engagement in cyberspace. Examines the application of traditional laws of armed conflict to the new cyber domain and public policy issues surrounding cyberspace.

Graduates of the Certificate program might earn positions within companies/organizations as:

  • Security Chief of Operations
  • SEO Security Specialist
  • In-house Counsel
  • Cyber Issue Specialist
  • Senior Policy Leaders in the Cyber Arena

For more information on curriculum, please visit the Drexel University Catalog.