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School Library Media Concentration

This concentration is for students who wish to work in K-12 school library programs in both public and private schools. Designed to prepare graduates to be eligible for certification as school librarians by the Pennsylvania Department of Education (PDE), the program meets the requirements of the State of Pennsylvania and provides a strong basis for seeking certification in other states as well. In most instances, students will be required to complete a supervised field study to be eligible for certification.

Graduates of the School Library Media (SLiM) Concentration are Prepared to:

  • Organize and manage school libraries and media centers.
  • Select, evaluate, and organize resources for learning.
  • Collaborate with teachers to apply teaching and learning theory to the design, implementation, and assessment of student learning.
  • Integrate information literacy concepts and skills into the curriculum.
  • Collaborate with teachers and others in the school community around information issues.
  • Provide instruction for the effective use of technology in teaching and learning.
  • Create an information environment supportive of all students' learning needs.
  • Develop technological resources such as Web pages and portals, multimedia presentations, and social computing tools to make information available.
  • Develop partnerships with entities in the community at large that serve the information needs of children and young adults.
  • Participate actively in professional organizations.
  • Provide leadership in the field.


The School Library Media Concentration offers three course sequences: one for students who have no prior teaching certification from PDE; one for students who have prior teaching certification from PDE or elsewhere and wish to add school librarian certification to their credentials; and one for students with ALA-accredited master's degrees who wish to seek school librarian certification from PDE.

Please refer to the Drexel University Catalog for course requirements and descriptions.