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The PhD degree is built on a long tradition of excellence. For over a quarter of a century, graduates of the PhD in Information Studies program (formerly of The iSchool, College of Information Science and Technology) have become thought leaders, making notable contributions in the information field. While the degree is a research degree, the talent that results is appropriately applied in an education, research, administrative, or policy setting.

The program is intended to raise the student to the highest point of critical thinking, isolating the key problems and challenges of the information field and engaging in the research that leads to answers and solutions. By the program's completion, doctoral students are transformed into peers of the faculty, a result of working closely with them in seminars, research, proposals, papers, and presentations.

PhD in Information Studies students:

  • Explore the highest levels of critical thinking
  • Isolate and resolve key problems in the information field
  • Work closely with professors on research, proposals, papers, seminars and presentations
  • Receive portfolio reviews to evaluate growth

The length of time to complete the PhD degree varies by student. In general, our students aim to complete their degrees within four to five years, depending on the amount of time they can devote to the program. The degree has been completed in as few as three years but can take up to five or more.

Doctoral Program Learning Objectives:

  • Evaluate the fundamental literatures related to library science, information science, information systems, or software engineering
  • Design and conduct high-quality research that draws on appropriate theories and incorporates appropriate methods
  • Apply statistics effectively in reading and writing papers
  • Design and evaluate research questions
  • Create presentations for research or teaching
  • Display expertise in a specific area of the research literature of the field
  • Synthesize and apply knowledge from a variety of areas in the information field

Learn more about curriculum planning in the PhD in Information Studies program by visiting our Doctoral Student Resources section. Questions? Please contact PhD Program Manager Erin Gabriele at (215) 895-5916 or

PhD in Information Studies Course Requirements & Descriptions

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