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Application & Review Process

  1. Applications are submitted via e-mail to
  2. Complete applications are submitted for review to the CCI adjunct search committee.
  3. After committee review all applications are submitted for final review and consideration to the Associate Dean in charge of the respective program.
  4. If approved, the candidate will be invited for an interview and presentation. Presentation/interviews are normally 1 and a half hours in length and include a 30 minute presentation (you will be given a topic for the presentation), followed by a question and answer period, and an approximately 30 minute interview by the Associate Dean in charge of the respective program. We are able to offer video conferencing to those remote candidates applying as online instructors. It is the candidate's responsibility to locate a video conference facility to connect with CCI, and to coordinate with CCI technical staff to test the connection prior to the presentation. CCI will cover all costs and prefers to pay the invoice directly. 
  5. If the candidate is approved to teach after the presentation, they are added to our active adjunct pool and contacted for an assignment when needed.